Importance of water in human life.

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by admin on February 15, 2011

Human Life and Water.

Is it possible to think of a human life without water ? Many of you will say – No. Just not possible. While few may say- Yes. But for a few hours. They are also right. So it needs no further explanation that human being cannot live for a pretty long time without water. He can live and sustain life without food, but not without water.

Our body is nothing without water . Many of our organs like human brain, lungs or blood constitute more than 80% of water. We can realize the importance of water only when we suffer from dehydration. As long as our body is getting minimum essential water supply it is functioning properly. All the cells and organs in the body are dependant on water for their effective functioning.

Water plays a great role in our body system. A look at various functions can convince you of the same. Water not only serves as a lubricant in our body system but also helps to regulate the temperature of our body. It is the most important element which plays a crucial role in eliminating the waste from our body by detoxification. Water also regulates the body mechanism .

Water also has a role to play as disease preventive tool. It is said that drinking 8-10 glasses of water each day considerably reduces the risk of all sorts of cancers- like colon cancer, breast cancer, bladder cancer etc.

Water helps our body to absorb nutrients in the intestines and it is the base material for saliva, which plays important role in our digestive system. Water carries oxygen and nutrients to all the body cells and facilitates their effective functioning.

Drinking water can reduce your hunger to certain extent and help you to achieve the goal of weight loss. It can stop you from overeating.

Burning calories and fat results in creation of toxins, and water becomes essential to flush them out of the body with the help of kidneys.

You need to pay attention to your habit of drinking water. It is better to start the day with a glass full of water. It is also advisable to drink some water before exercise and even during exercise if you feel tired and fatigue. Always drink some water after a gap of two-three hours. It will help your body system function efficiently.

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