Colorful Diet provides more nutrients

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by admin on March 18, 2011

Eat colorful diet every day for more nutrients.

American Diabetes Association has started a program – “ Eat Right with Color” this month. March is being celebrated as National Nutritional Month in America. For increasing the awareness among people about right diet they have appealed all to use this month as a starting point for changing our diet habits.

Just counting the calories is not enough but eating diet full of nutrients of different varieties is more important. So try to add colors to your diet in every possible form.

Color and Health

Green indicates antioxidant potential which can help healthy vision and reduce risk of cancers.
Fruits like apples,grapes and vegetables like broccoli, green beans,spinach etc.

Orange and Deep Yellow promotes healthy vision and immunity.
Fruits like apricot,mango, papaya and vegetables like yellow corn,carrots,

Purple or Blue are antioxidants and provides anti-aging benefits and improve memory

Fruits like blackberries, blueberries,plums and vegetables-purple cabbage,eggplant etc.

“My pyramid is a famous diet concept in America, wherein people try to consume all varieties of food ,providing different benefits.

Making your pyramid more colorful is a best choice for your healthy life.
You can try following in your regular diet.

Substitute sandwitches with whole-grain or oat bread.

Instead of white rice have brown rice on your plate.

Keep aside chips and try to use crunchy vegetables instead.

Make a big bowl of green and leafy vegetables as salad plate ,as a main dish of your diet.

You can add vegetables, onions, tomatoes to your omelet.

Have as many colorful fruits as possible every day. Make it a healthy habit.

Add bananas, berries, or peaches to yogurt.

You can also have low fat cheese, or yogurt or buttermilk are the best.

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