Extent life span with exercise

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by admin on August 23, 2011

Extend your life by l5 minutes exercise everyday

Exercise and quality of life or healthy life has a close relationship. People who do every day some sort of exercise are benefited in multiple ways. A recent study conducted in Taiwan suggests that even daily exercise of 15 minutes can increase your life span by 3 years. Daily exercise would also reduce your death risk by 14%.

This study was based on the review of 400, 00 people in Taiwan putting in exercise of minimum 15 minutes every day like brisk walking or other moderate exercise.

So what are you thinking about? Why can’t you spare even 15 minutes every day for your healthy life. Think over it and get started immediately.

Inactive lifestyle does harm to your health and life. British journal of sports medicines suggests that by sitting in front of TV for six hours a day can cut your life by five years. So cut your time in front of TV and increase your life span.

Many people look at this new study as a good reason to start doing some exercise. There is no harm in increasing the activity and time involved in it. The more you exercise the more health benefits you would get.

It is not difficult to spare this much time every day for exercise. If you cannot then there is something wrong with you. Please examine yourself and find the time for exercise every day. You can even do it twice or thrice a day for l5 minutes at a stretch.

So embark upon habit of exercise and expand your life with good health.

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