Food can cut pregnancy risks

pregnant woman selecting vegetables and fruits

by admin on August 14, 2011

Cutting Pregnancy Risks

Pregnancy is a crucial period in the life of the woman and pregnancy itself is a health risk for almost every woman. However certain factor, like proper diet can help to reduce the pregnancy risks.

Bahraini nutritionist Alia Almoayed has claimed that eating wrong food can put the unborn babies to various health problems.

Eating of junk food and deficiencies in zinc or vitamin B can lead to learning disorders of the babies. Women need to take healthy diet even before conception and continue it throughout the pregnancy.

Raw or uncooked meat, poultry and eggs needs to be avoided as they may contain harmful bacterias.

Also needs to avoid processed or canned fish.

Pregnant women should give up drinking habit. Drinking alcohol causes physical defects, learning disabilities or even emotional problems in children.

Restrict to very limited quantity of caffeine or tea. Drinking more caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage.

Diet must ensure essential vitamins and minerals like folic acid, zinc in sufficient quantity.

It is not necessary that pregnant woman must eat for two peoples during pregnancy. It is found that eating food or diet giving 200 to 300 more calories every day is also sufficient.

Women must take folic acid to the extent of 800 miligrams every day. Lack of folate leads to low birth weight of babies and preterm delivery also. So include the cereals, spinach, beans, peanuts, oranges in your diet as they supply good amount of folic acid.

Another important factor is calcium, most essential for woman and baby for strong bones and teeth. Pregnant women need about 1300 milligrams of calcium a day. Pregnant women can include in their diet – orange juice, milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach for enhancing calcium intake naturally.

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