Health News (Watermelon lowers blood pressure )

Elevated blood pressure (hypertension) is common for many of us from time to time and it has often been the practice of doctors to treat high blood pressure by prescribing dangerous statin drugs. Now, researchers have found that healthy watermelons can do just as good of a job without all the nasty side effects which … Read moreHealth News (Watermelon lowers blood pressure )

Health Benefits of Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice Weight loss and juice can be a match made in heaven, but some work better than others. Cherry juice is an excellent alternative to lose weight. Cherry juice mixed with apple juice or spring water can help to achieve weight loss. Cherry juice is a good source of vitamin C and potassium, and … Read moreHealth Benefits of Cherry Juice

Health News (factors causing memory loss )

Things That Kill Your Memory Memory is a marvel of human biology — essential to mankind’s way of life and survival, but so complex that it is not yet fully understood. As a physiological process, the storing and retrieval of information is imperfect and thus vulnerable to certain destructive forces (or memory killers). These forces … Read moreHealth News (factors causing memory loss )

Effects of Exercise on Mental Health of overweight kids

Exercise benefits overweight kids’ mental health Regular exercise is not just good for an overweight child’s physical health, it also improves their ability to think, plan and do maths, the results of a new study indicate. US researchers looked at 171 overweight children who were aged between seven and 11. All of the children were … Read moreEffects of Exercise on Mental Health of overweight kids