Bananas Benefits Health

Banana is a very commonly consumed fruit. It is very delicious and easy to digest also. It comes in different colours like yellow, green, red and may be of different sizes . However, it is commonly eaten fruit by many people in the world.

Eating Bananas more every week provides various health benefits.

Health Benefits of eating Bananas

* This fruit is a natural source of potassium – having more potassium and low in salt and thus helpful for those suffering from blood pressure. Due to potassium content , it is also best fruit to eat when someone is under stress or working overtime, when it will help to replenish the level of potassium due to increased metabolic rate during stressful events.

* For maintaining the balance in body fluids and electrolytes ,potassium is of great importance. Natually eating banana can be of great help.

* Bananas contain vigtamin A, B and in very small quantity vitamin C. As it contain electrolytes, it can become an essential part of diet for patients suffering from diarrhea.

* It contains Iron,essential for creation of haemoglobin in our body. People suffering from anaemia, should eat more bananas. Banana can also act as anacid and hence can give relief to person suffering from heartburn.

* An aminoacid named tryptophan, present in Banana helps to overcome stress by improving the mood.

* Banana is also famous for its fiber content,which help to improve bowel movement and thus overcome problem of constipation.

* More consumption of bananas by aged person, helps in protecting their eyesight and reducing age related degeneration of eyes and vision.

Studies have also proved that eating 4-5 times bananas in a week improves the kidney health of women and reduced their risk of kidney cancer to the extent of 50%, as it contain high amount of antioxidants.

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