Health News (Adding Eggs to your Diet is best for Health)

Eat more eggs.

Eating eggs as part of a healthy balanced diet does not significantly raise blood cholesterol levels, according to a new study by UCD Institute of Food and Health.

However, according to the UCD report, most Irish people only eat two to three eggs a week – half the amount of most other Europeans.

Furthermore, the study found that only 40% of children and teenagers regularly eat eggs. In particular, teenage girls were found to be very low consumers of eggs with most eating less than one egg per week.

Commenting on the UCD study, Teresa Brophy from Bord Bia said: “Eggs offer great value from a nutrition, economic and culinary point of view and we want to encourage more people, especially those with young families to include more eggs in the family diet on a regular basis.”

A second study of 3,000 households across Ireland found that only 35% of families buy eggs once a week, while 75% buy eggs once a month.

Eggs are essential to healthy diets as they are nutrient dense and a low-cost source of high-quality protein.

One egg contains approximately 10% of our daily protein, folate and iron requirements, and contributes to only 3% of our calorie intake.

In Ireland the general guideline is ‘an egg a day is ok’

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