Enjoy the Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of exercise

I bet everybody has a million reasons why he can not exercise. So get ready to release all the reasons to the door. Unless a doctor tells you otherwise, there is absolutely no reason why you can not afford a little time to do something for your health. If you increase the level of activity has many benefits, but first look at the low cost of the exercise, we will consider the other benefits as well.

The cost for the year

Everything we do has a cost. Lack of time is one of the most common barriers to exercise. It is extremely difficult to add another responsibility for the long “to do list. Another charge is that you can not enjoy the exercise, and it is difficult to participate in an activity that does not like, especially if you have extra time.

Add to the list of anxiety you feel about going to a gym or just discomfort you can expect to feel when embarking on any exercise program. And last but not least is the difficulty of changing. Health experts agree that changes in your daily routine that includes exercise is not easy. If you want you can think of many reasons why exercise may not be appropriate for you. But the price (s) of activity had never thought to outweigh the benefits.

The benefits of exercise

As you can see the exercise is a common denominator for the mind and body wellness, weight maintenance and improved quality of life. The physical, mental and emotional are the reasons why it is important to be active.

A. Preserving muscle mass. Some people who lose weight on any program of weight loss will come from the muscles, decreasing their metabolism. Exercise, especially strength training helps preserve muscle mass to burn more calories during the day. This helps to prevent weight regain when you reach your goal.

2. Your weight loss . Exercise is always a better way loose weight. You choose any exercise, running, jogging, swimming, cycling and do it consistently and would find the result in weight loss.

3. Increasing the level of mood and energy. Exercise increases the levels of brain chemicals that help to increase confidence and reduce stress. The increase in energy levels due to the increased amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing through your body.

4. Socialize. If you’re in the gym or take a walk with a friend, raising the level of activity with a partner can make exercise more enjoyable.

5. Relax and sleep better. Daily physical activity can help you fall asleep and get a good night sleep, which is well related to your beauty also.

6. Young skin. Exercise helps to increase collagen, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Studies have shown the benefits of exercise and reduce acne.

7. Sexercise. With all the benefits I mentioned, is likely to feel more energy, look better and feel sexy, so you burn more calories than you have more sex.

8. Exercise builds bone. Weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones with reduced risk of bone fractures.

9. Improve your mind. Regular exercise can help to improve memory and reduce the risk of age-related dementia. You can help clear your mind so that you can think clearly.

10. Stay healthy. Exercise helps sensitize the body in several different hormones, including insulin and cortisol. Diabetes, heart disease, cancer and bone density in addition to many other health problems can be improved by training. This ensures that once you fix your metabolism with proper nutrition, quantity and type of exercise keeps you healthy.

As you can see the benefits of exercise far outweigh the costs. There are several reasons why exercise should be incorporated into your daily routine.

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