Home remedies for constipation

Constipation – causes and remedies

Constipation is very common and severe health problem faced by many people. If it is allowed to continue without any attention, may result in very serious ailments later on.

The person suffering from constipation has a problem of hard stools and also problem of passing it. He always feels uncomfortable due to this problem. He feels dizziness or some sort of slowing of every kind of action.

The various symptoms associated with constipation are hard stools, headache, loss of appetite, coated tongue, sleeplessness and many others. The causes may be many like improper diet habits, not taking sufficient water or fluid intake everyday, lack of exercise, over-eating etc.

There are various home remedies which can easily help to overcome this problem of constipation.

1. Sufficient intake of water and fluid is highly advisable. It helps to drain out the waste from the body.
2. Further consumption of more proportion of high fiber diet is also beneficial. Especially raw diet is useful – it is easy to digest and good for the body in all respect.
3. One cannot completely ignore the requirement of daily exercise of some sort. There cannot be any substitute for exercise.
4. Eating Guava is also beneficial.
5. Taking two table spoon of castor oil at night before going to bed also help easy evaculation of bowel.
6. Taking everyday night triphala churna is also of great help.

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