Yoga helps Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnancy

Many women ask the question whether yoga can be performed during pregnancy. The answer can be Yes. But before doing it is better to have a consultation of your Doctor and know the precautions to be taken during pregnancy , particularly when you are having pregnancy for the first time.

Yoga is very easy,safe and natural method which prepares the pregnant women for motherhood in all respect. It provides the physical and mental fitness, which is very important during pregnancy. It provides the much needed calm and relaxed mind to pregnant women which is more important for proper development of the baby.

There are many prenatal yoga classes, where many pregnant women are comfortably doing yoga and enjoying its benefits. Yoga during this period takes care of physical, mental and spiritual health of the woman and the baby. Many felt that yoga helps to prepare for the stress of labour and motherhood.

Simple yoga posture helps to stretch the body and improve the muscle tone, flexibility. The yoga postures are ideal for pregnant women, as they offer slow and comfortable movements required by their body.

Yoga is also believed to have helped the pregnant women in retaining the water level, proper blood circulation and have strengthened the pelvic muscles. It has also helped to control blood pressure in many cases.

Specific asanas have helped the pregnant women to overcome the common problems of nausea, constipation and gas, backage and in some cases even the depression.

The regular practice of breathing techniques have helped them to enjoy calm and manage the pain in better manner. This makes delivery somewhat easy for them.

Various emotional benefits are also attributed to the practice of yoga and meditation during pregnancy. It helps the pregnant to control the mood swings , which is quite common and difficult to handle. It further generates and increases the sense of self-awareness.

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